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Muggle Post

Title: Muggle Post
Characters: James Potter I, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans
Rating: PG
Warnings: A bit of not-very-strong strong language.
Word Count: 1190
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter things belong to JK Rowling, or maybe Warner Brothers, but definitely not me.
Summary: Much to the amusement of Remus and Sirius (Peter being obviously too annoying and dim-witted to notice anything), James recieves a late Christmas present through the muggle post.

A cheap Christmas present for Specki Blinger. Happy Christmas!

A large, grey owl soared defiantly through the bitter Scottish wind, though he looked small next to his parcel, and white through the snow. The castle loomed up ahead, and the young bird raced through the blizzard, speeding towards a very tall, empty window, and enjoying the flight. He flicked his head to shake the snow from his eyes, then flew happily into the warmth of the castle.

The Great Hall was half-emptied but noisier than ever, and so the owl was barely noticed as he dived towards the Gryffindor table. He gently dropped his load by a bowl of cornflakes, then swooped back into the air, twirled gracefully beneath the enchanted ceiling and headed for Hogsmeade Post Office.

“Peter, is that for you?”

The boy who spoke barely looked up from his copy of Advanced Potions Making, his thin face frowning in concentration. Though his uniform was smart, his hair was unkempt, and he had the untidy shadow of hair on his chin. Peter, a boy so small he could have been two years younger than the rest, put down his fork mid-sausage to glance at the parcel.

“Nah, it’s for James. Late Christmas present, maybe?”

“Maybe if he bothered to get his arse out of bed before midday we could ask him.” The third boy, dark haired and handsome, picked up the package curiously. It was flat and wrapped in brown paper, with the address lettered neatly on the front. “Who’s she?” he asked suddenly.

Remus gave up reading, putting the book down with a sigh.

“That’s a stamp, Sirius,” he smirked, “James has got muggle post.”

Sirius grinned at Remus’s smile, and Peter giggled through a wheezy cough.

“What’s that bit at the bottom?” asked Sirius.

“Don’t know, made it up,” answered James, sliding into a seat beside Peter, “she said she needed some code or something. It’s the last time I go near a muggle girl, they’re weird…” He let his thoughts trail off as he crammed his mouth with toast.

“She’s pretty stupid too by the looks of things,” Remus read from the address, “PRONGS12 is nothing like a real postcode, you should’ve done Muggle Studies. Nice of you to make an appearance, by the way.”

“Honestly, Remus? Nobody cares. Let’s open it!” Sirius made to grab the parcel, but James pulled it away and stuffed it under the table, glancing at a group of seventh-year girls further along the bench. Remus and Sirius turned to each other with raised eyebrows, grinning wickedly. James buttered another slice of toast, furiously avoiding their eyes. Peter looked around himself for a moment, confused, then gave up and turned instead to his bacon.

Breakfast was slow and lazy, and the boys only trudged back up to the common room when the toast and cereal disappeared, replaced by meat pie and vegetables for lunch. Gryffindor tower was almost empty – most of the students were home for Christmas, or out in the snow – so they took the cosiest seats by the fire. Remus slouched sideways with his book in hand, while Sirius flung himself lazily across an armchair. Peter pulled out a roll of parchment and began writing nervously, his nose twitching as he rushed to finish his essay before Monday morning. James glanced around the room, saw that it was empty but for a pair of second-years playing Gobstones, then took the package from his bag, pulling off the paper quickly. Sirius sat up a little straighter, and Remus glanced over his copy of Hairy Snout, Human Heart (hidden behind the dust jacket of a Potions textbook).

“Here we go…” muttered Sirius, eyes wide with anticipation. James shot him a filthy look and picked up the large piece of card that lay beneath the paper. Sirius frowned, and Remus raised an eyebrow.

“Seriously, what on earth,” said James indignantly, shaking the card about. “Aha!”

A flat, black round thing clattered on to the desk as a few more students trickled through the portrait hole.

“What on earth indeed…” muttered Remus, putting the book down and lifting up the strange object, “I’ve never seen anything like this in Muggle Studies.”

“Sirius?” James asked, thinking of the bikinis and motorbikes stuck up on the walls of their dormitory.

“I’ve got absolutely no idea, mate.” he conceded, staring at the shiny circle that Remus was still twirling in his hands, “Are you sure she was… you know, normal?”

“Yes, I’m sure!” James snapped back, “Are you saying a girl would only send me a Christmas present if she was mental?”

Sirius smirked and opened his mouth to reply, but Remus held up his hand for silence.

“Shut up a minute,” he said quietly, still examining the object, “it’s got ridges, look.”

James took the thing from Remus, running a finger over the top, and found that it was indeed quite bumpy.

“Yeah. Doesn’t really help though, does it?” James passed the object round to Sirius, who held it up, balancing it and judging the weight.

“Looks a bit like a Fanged Frisbee.” He said quietly. Then, just a moment before James realised what was going on, he stood up, flung his arm out, and sent the thing spinning across the common room.

James stood up, and immediately noticed that the room had become much busier over the few minutes they’d been talking. He stared at a group of tall girls, and his face fell as he noticed one of them rubbing her head, rubbing her head of red hair…

“Christ, Sirius, you hit Evans!”

Sirius looked from the girl stalking towards them to James’ blotchy red face and burst into laughter, patting his friend on the back before slouching back in his seat. James remained standing, frozen as Lily reached them.

“Is this yours?” she asked. James was relieved to see she seemed amused.

“Yeah,” he replied, running a hand through his hair and smiling, expertly hiding his nerves. She passed the object over to him, and he made sure to brush his hand against hers. Remus raised his eyebrows, looking at James pointedly from behind Lily. “Oh yeah,” said James, “you’ll know. Er, what exactly is it?”

Lily stared at him for a moment, then laughed.

“It’s a record. You put it on a player and it makes music,” she added, noting James’s confusion. “Christmas present, is it?”

“Yeah, he got it from some muggle g- “ Peter winced as James kicked his shin, halting his wheezy laughter.

“Muggle cousin,” James said quickly, grinning at Lily nervously, “Squib.”

“Ah,” Lily replied, nodding and smiling knowingly, “I see. That’s alright then.” She turned and walked back to the other seventh-year girls, who had been watching from the other side of the room, leaving James to collapse weakly into his chair.

Peter was still rubbing his leg indignantly. Remus picked up his book and quickly disappeared behind it, his lips curling into a smirk. Sirius was struggling to keep his giggles silent as he watched James. He leant across the arm of his chair to pat his friend on the shoulder, grinning as he hid his face in his hands.

“Nice save, James.”